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Oshikoto Cultural Capital:- ONIIPA

Chief Whips Coordinator (CWC 4-O REGIONS), Ptr. Setson Iyambo convened a meeting (21/11/2021) to engage Oniipa IPC LA Councillors on a variety of political issues affecting residents of Oniipa. The meeting was very much fruitful. The Regional Commander, Ptr. Armas Amukoto was represented by Ptr. Elifas Shipandeni Mateus.

Seen in the pictures from left to right are

1. Ptr. Michael Mwashindange (National Youth Rep.

2. Ptr. Elizabeth Nambahu (Oniipa 1st Vice Chairperson)

3. Ptr. Patemishela Nakanyala (Oniipa Cllr)

4. Ptr. Helena Namadhila (Olukonda Constituency Chairperson)

5. Ptr. Elifas Shipandeni Mateus (Oshikoto Regional 1st Chairperson)

Back row:

6. Ptr. Petrus Nakanyala (Oniipa Cllr)

7. Ptr. James Jakob Nakaleke (LLC Chairperson, Oniipa)

8. Ptr. Setson Iyambo (Chief Whips Coordinator (CWC 4-O REGIONS)

9. Missing from the picture is:-

Ptr. David Nghifikepunye (Cllr & Chief Whip, Oniipa)

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