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Independent Patriots for Change

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The Problem

The problem in this country is so evident it is almost redundant to spell it out. If you follow the news and walk the streets you can experience it first-hand. Our country is in decline and a lack of good honest governance is to blame.

The Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) was brought about by a consciousness of failure and stagnation of the socio-economic and developmental programs and policies. Betrayal of the supreme sacrifices for Independence and Continuous Corruption & Looting of National resources, leading to abject poverty of our people.

Independent Patriots for Change Prospectus:

We grow up ignorant, believing that good will prevail and that justice will be served. As we progress into adulthood, we realise that life is unfair and full of selfish individuals taking advantage of the weak and vulnerable. This happens to an extent that our people suffer on a major scale. We ponder our own denial and still believe in a failing system; for how long are we going to entertain the downfall of a nation? History often suggests that it takes one man to bring change, but it doesn’t. One man can start a movement but it takes leaders, followers and support to change a dysfunctional system.

Do you believe that Africa can give birth to a government that fights corruption and uplifts the poor? It seems like a very far-fetched idea until you break it down into simple principles. 
We need to assess the situation and find opportunity for change. In order to accomplish this, we need to Identify the problems, find solutions and implement them.

We will ensure that everyone has the necessary training to provide exceptional governance. If we don’t have the knowledge, we hire experts.
Namibia has the resources to empower 2.495 million Namibians, but we need good governance. We are the visionaries and Patriots of Namibia. We believe that things can change for the better. 

Why we need your help

How often do you get an opportunity to be part of historical change in a country? Namibia is on the brink of major transformation. It is going to happen whether you believe it or not. People are tired of a failing government. You hear it in the cries of children, the whispers on the street and the loud proclamations of patriots. We have to do something. We can no longer stand back and watch the rapid decline of a country we love so dearly. We challenge you to read the Manifesto of the IPC and see why we believe this party is going to save Namibia. If you read it and believe that we can change this corrupt system, then help us by donating funds to the cause. If you don’t agree with the manifesto, please tell us why and help us improve our strategy. If you can’t help us with funding, help us with your expertise or services. We are a young party and we are open to any help or input from the outside. We fight the good fight. Join us and together we can save this Nation!

The Solution

Africa is victim to some of the highest accounts of corruption in the world and Namibia suffers along with the rest. So, what makes us different and how can we ensure that an IPC government won’t take the same corrupt road as our predecessors?  We are sceptics, but hopeful in our scepticism. We will use this to ensure accountability and harness our hope to keep moving forward. Accountability is of utmost importance to IPC and that is why we have an open-door policy. We challenge anyone to keep us accountable and improve our way of governance. We have to save our country, empower the youth and uplift the poor and that cannot be done if the ruling party is corrupt.  

Training is key to the success of this party and to ensure good and capable governance. IPC top leadership is traveling the country to educate and train all its elected patriots. Our online training platform will train every person in IPC in accordance with their responsibilities. They will be tested on their knowledge of the constitution and scope of the position they hold. This platform will keep people accountable on their knowledge and ability to perform their duties.

Donate to help us Change Namibia!

We are in the proccess of developing a payment gateway which will alow you to donate electronically with your debit or credit card. In the meantime however please see our banking details below:

Be assured that your money will be used responsibly, and that proper accounting will be done on all
funds received and used. As a newly established party, we currently don’t have access to government funding.

Any amount is welcome, doesn’t matter how small or big.

Name: Independent Patriots for Change
Branch: Capricorn Private Wealth
Branch code: 48-41-72
Swift code: BWLINANX
Adress: Box: 7094,Whk,9000
Account number: 8019542293
Cheque Account
Bank Windhoek

If you require any further information, please get in touch with us at:

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