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We are continuing on our journey, one that takes us from village to village, from tree to tree.

Ensuring that no voice goes unheard. Our 4th President, Dr. Panduleni Itula, is on a quest to deeply understand the realities, dreams, and concerns of every citizen. Our campaign, aptly named the "Grassroots Campaign Tour", is currently in the vibrant Kavango West region.

We're engaging with the good people of Tuguva in the Mpungu constituency. The energy here is infectious, and the wisdom shared invaluable. The stories we hear, the struggles we witness, and the dreams we are entrusted with, shape our vision of a better future.

Next on our itinerary is Katwitwi. We go forward with the belief that to truly lead, one needs to comprehend the struggles of the people on the ground. Our mission is to create a leadership that serves as a sturdy boot, taking a step at a time, firmly grounded in the realities of the people.

Stay with us on this journey. Together, we are stronger. Together, we are the Independent Patriots for Change.

#Village2Village #Tree2Tree #GrassrootsCampaignTour

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