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Walvis Bay partners with Czerwonak in Poland.

A delegation from the Municipality of Walvis Bay led by the Mayor, Trevino Forbes is in Czerwonak, Poland for a study/exposure tour, which marks the beginning of a project carried by the Development Policy Foundation, called 'Erongo Sustainable Governance LAB: Participatory urban governance for resilient, safe and inclusive multifunctional public spaces in Namibia'. The project is co-financed by the European Union within the framework of European Commission - Development & Cooperation - EuropeAid and implemented jointly by Czerwonak, zobacz więcej and the Municipality of Walvis Bay.

The Municipality of Walvis Bay signs agreement with the Czerwonak in Poland

The delegation accompanying the Mayor are eleven (11) staff members nominated through their respective departments to be part of the Project Management Committee (PMC). The PMC members are attending workshops hosted by experts from the Development Policy Foundation and the Municipality of Czerwonak who are sharing their expertise.

The delegation was welcomed by the Mayor of Czerwonak - Marcin Wojtkowiak, who introduced the range of municipal services offered to the residents of Czerwonak. The activities will focus on public consultation - a topic central to the project. Senior staff the municipality of Czerwonak also gave presentations on how the various sections are managed and how public consultation tools are applied at their local authority. Anna Sobczak and Dariusz Sobolewski presented the IT and public consultancy tools used by the municipality. The delegation also attended two workshops, dedicated to developing IT Public consultancy tools and their adjustment to the residents' needs followed.

The exposure tour is aimed at bridging knowledge gaps and introducing best EU experiences, in public consultations and green urban solutions. During the exposure tour, participants will attend day-to-day workshops and travel across the town of Czerwonak as well as other cities in Poland to expose participants to EU best practices to obtain exemplary municipal services and case studies for innovative implementation (e.g., smart green solutions, universal design) to ensure better comprehensiveness of the decision-making schemes.

Approval was granted by the Council and subsequently by the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development for the signing of the corporate agreement between Walvis Bay Municipality and City of Czerwonak, Poland (Council Meeting 03/08/2022).

The successful implementation of the Erongo Sustainable Governance LAB will see the realisation of the construction of a promenade /walkway along the Independence Beach, through public participation as a key element. All the PMC members will play a role in accordance in line with their expertise to make this project a success. Residents and the media will be kept up to date during the various stages of the project.

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