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The Assignment:

The leadership has made it clear: our assignment is to mobilize and recruit patriots from all walks of life to join the chorus of change. We have been given clarity of purpose, and now we must act.


The mobilization of patriots is underway, and it is going well. We are reaching out to people from all over Namibia, and we are hearing their stories of hope and despair. They are ready for change, and they are ready to join us.


The recruitment of patriots is also going well. We are finding people who are passionate about change, and who are willing to work hard to make it happen. We are building a team of patriots who are committed to making Namibia a better place for all.

Chorus of Change:

The chorus of change is growing louder every day. More and more people are joining us, and we are getting closer to our goal. We will not give up until we have achieved change for Namibia.

Join Us:

If you are ready for change, then join us. We are building a better future for Namibia, and we need your help. Together, we can make a difference.

Weekend things!!!!

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