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Recruitment continues in the IPC.

21 August 2022

Recruitment continues in the IPC. The IPC leadership in Rundu at Tuhingireni location in Kavango East Region has recruited more then 100 members from the looting Swapo party.

The IPC Spokesperson of Kavango East Region, Ptr. Frans Kandjilu said that it is important that we had to come and attend to the people that have realized to exercise their political right by participating in Political activities through the any political party of their choice and it is good that they joined IPC.

The Spokesperson of the region further said that IPC is a party that has been growing very strong, IPC is a party that is there to make sure that once in power it will restore our peoples dignity by removing poverty, unemployment, providing houses, proper hospitals and schools for future generations .

The changes in our country starts with every citizen, with you, your neighbor, your community. Your town and region before the entire Namibia can change. Give IPC the mandate and shall be witnessed by history as having stood firm for our people.

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