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Opuwo-Rural By-Election

This election came about as a result of the passing of the PDM Regional Councilor, according to the Regional Council Act a vacancy should be filled within 3 months’ of such vacancy occurring.

The IPC candidate for this upcoming election is Ptr. Howard Kaihepere Tjituri. The patriots in the Kunene region have been hard at work campaigning. We urge ALL registered voters to go out and exercise their democratic right by casting their votes on 02 July 2021.

The Electoral Act, (Act No.5 of 2014) mandates the Electoral Commission of Namibia to organize, direct, supervise, manage and control the conduct of elections and referenda in a free, fair, independent credible, transparent and impartial manner as well as to strengthen constitutional democracy and to promote democratic electoral and referenda processes.


Regional Councils consist of 1 member elected from each constituency by secret ballot. Every duly registered political party has the right to nominate a candidate to contest in order to be elected as a councilor for the constituency in which he/she resides. Individuals have also the right to contest as independent candidates and be elected as a councilor for their constituency.


Members to the local authority are elected by direct and secret ballot from the party list prepared by the contesting political parties, associations and organizations. Local authority elections are held to elect councilors of a specific local authority area. Subsequently, a local authority election is held when a new town or village is proclaimed. Voting During Local Authority And Regional Council Elections For the Regional Councils and Local Authorities’ elections, you must be in your constituency or local authority area where you were registered as a voter in order to vote. Namibian electoral systems An electoral system covers the legal and practical realities of voter registration and election administration, as well as the precise rules and the method used to translate votes for candidates and/or parties in an election into an allocation of seats. v The majoritarian or first-past-the-post electoral system is used during the regional councils’ election. This system dictates that the candidate with the most votes wins the seat.

The proportional representation electoral system is used for elections for members of the local authorities. In this system every political party/association/organisation intending to contest provides a list of its nominated candidates. Seats are allocated according to the number of votes received. Registration Of Voters Registration of voters in Namibia is a voluntary exercise and is a process by which Namibian citizens of voting age register to have his/her name included in the voters’ register during the determined period of registration to participate in the elections.

Requirements To Register As A Voter

Any person who wishes to register as a voter must meet the following requirements: (a) he/she must be able to identify him/herself (b) he/she must be 18 years and older (c) he/she must be a Namibian citizen (d) he/she must be a resident in a local authority area for 12 consecutive months and longer (applicable on local authority elections only)


"Towards a better Country for all"

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2 comentarios

Van Wyk Shikomba
Van Wyk Shikomba
25 jun 2021

Forward we March, backward never! This is the time all IPC leaders from grassroots to top structures to ensure all necessary paths are clear towards 2024...

Let's all implement all necessary measures needed to have all masses understand what is required of them to vote for regime change in our motherland.

Let's all be engaged in recruiting, mobilize and educate masses out there, let's educate the current 15 years old citizens about their rights to vote come 2024 as they will by then turned 18 years old.

Viva IPC, Viva Chief Patriot and our NGS, power to all Patriots... I salute YOU all!

Ptr Van Wyk Shikomba

Whk Rural Chairperson



Me gusta
Contestando a

Well said indeed patriot Van Wky Shikomba, I like the way you have expressed the idea on how to educate our youth citizens and at age should we target as from now. Thank you for your wise advise

Me gusta
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