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Empowering Our Local and Regional Councillors One Region at a Time

Do you believe that Africa can give birth to a government that fights corruption and uplifts the poor? We believe that it can!

Namibia has the resources to become a leading nation in Africa. Since the local and regional authority elections last year, the IPC leadership has been tirelessly travelling to all of the regions of Namibia to train and empower its local and regional councillors. With a proper knowledge of the Namibian constitution and the IPC manifesto, our councillors are expected to govern with the highest degree of wisdom and integrity.

We believe in our country and we believe in our people. The right people to govern Namibia are right here within our borders. They just need the proper training, support and accountability. Uplifting and mobilising our citizens is our passion.

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Jul 05, 2021

A new government will have to look into the incumbents in official positions who are complicit in corrupt activités so that they be redeployed.

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