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Dr. Itula - Grassroots Tour Update

Dear friends, I am thrilled to share an exciting update with you all! The Chief Patriot's Grassroots Tour continues to gain momentum as we connect with the heart and soul of Namibia. Today, I had the privilege of arriving in Mbora Village, Ncamangoro Constituency, where we witnessed the incredible spirit of the Namibian people. Village2Village: Our Grassroots Tour is all about engaging with ordinary Namibians, understanding their aspirations. We are here to listen and learn. Together, we can uplift our communities and build a stronger Namibia if we vote for change. #IPCGrassrootsTour #Village2Village Homestead2Homestead: We believe in the power of unity and community. During this Grassroots Tour, we aim to foster solidarity, strengthen bonds, and create a shared vision for a better Namibia. Together, we will overcome challenges and create opportunities for every Namibian. #IPCGrassrootsTour #Homestead2Homestead Tree2Tree: Just like trees grow and flourish, we envision a Namibia where every individual has the chance to thrive, so we meet under the trees. Through our Grassroots Tour, we are sowing the seeds of change, nurturing a society that values progress, justice, and equality for all. Together, we will make Namibia blossom. #IPCGrassrootsTour #Tree2Tree We have 2 understand the struggles faced by our fellow citizens. That's why we embark on this journey - to engage with you, hear your stories, this will make us better leaders. Your voice matters, and together, we will make it heard. #IPCGrassrootsTour Join us in this movement for change, justice, and a stronger Namibia. Together, we can empower communities, bridge divides, and build a united nation where every citizen is valued. Your support is vital on this transformative journey. Let's make history together! #IPCGrassrootsTour With gratitude and determination, Dr. Itula

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