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Chief Patriot accompanied by the Leadership of Oshana region.

Chief Patriot and Next President of the Republic of Namibia accompanied by the Leadership of Oshana region has started his Villages to Villages familialisation trip where he is meeting his grassroot Supporters and sympathizer of IPC to learn their NEEDS and DIFFICULTIES in order to ensure that the policies of IPC will be reflective the needs and wants of the people in the grassroots that people matters.

The journey Started from 08:00 AM from Ondangwa taking the convoy through Omeege, Ompundja, Enkuwantale, Omponona, Ondulu-Nomongwa, Engombe, Efo-Etelala,,Onaushe, Uuvudhiya Center, OnKani, Afoti, Omapoko, Okau Kamasheshe and ending to Ondalaye ha Elim 18h00.

Chief Patriot will Continue this trip for the entire Country and We are not going to be surprised when all the other Political parties follow OUR steps as they always do! 28/08/2022

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