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Marshall Ranger Sean Naude handed over a brand new, fully equipped ambulance to the Municipality of Walvis Bay. The ambulance, which is worth N$700 000 and has equipment worth N$250 000, was donated by the Namibian Marshal Rangers Emergency Rescue Services.

The ambulance will be operated by the Namibian Marshal Rangers Emergency Rescue Services team, together with the Municipality’s fire and emergency section to serve the Walvis Bay municipal area.

“We were told that there is no municipal ambulance in Walvis Bay, so on behalf of M&Z Motors and the Namibian Marshal Rangers Emergency Rescue services, we have decided to help by donating a Mahindra ambulance to the Municipality with full crew at their service,” Naude said. Naude further emphasised that the ambulance was provided with the intention to complement existing ambulance/emergency services.

The Mayor of Walvis Bay, Trevino Forbes, who received the ambulance on behalf of the municipality and residents, said that the donation comes at the perfect time, as we approach the festive season. The ambulance is available as of today, 14 December 2022 with a medical team on standby. The ambulance service can be contacted by anyone on the toll-free number, 919.

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