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1/09/2022 is a big day in world history including Omuthiya ConstituencyBy: Osimu-yolumoho

As history repeats itself in any other way, today in Omuthiya Constituency, Oshikoto Region SWAPO lost a large number of members aging from youth to old age.

The above devastation took place during the silent visitation to Okakoko, Oshimpangwa and Kaniita location the three main ignored places that accommodate majority of low income earners of Omuthiya Town.

The visitation started from 15:00 and ended at 19:00. Registration at Okakoko could've continue after 19:00 due to darkness at that area.

It's evident that people are tired of SWAPO and her leaders who are being described as frogs which only appear during rainy season.

Big appreciation to the newly recruited patriot. 11/09 has entered the books of Omuthiya IPC and the nation at large as a day that you stood up and say enough is enough.

The sprit of 2020 has been activated and no any stone will be left unturned.

Pictures don't lie.

We remain Patriots!

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