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We're back in the vast Kavango West Region, as part of the #ChiefPatriotsGrassRootsTour.

Learning about the daily struggles of our citizens in the Kavango West Region now in Murarani.

Their challenges are immense. From walking hundreds of kilometers to access healthcare, to struggling to secure the basic necessities of clean water and electricity. More so, a fundamental right of their identity - their national documents such as IDs and Birth Certificates - remains largely unattained.

These are not just challenges, they are the daily realities that our brothers and sisters face. By listening to them, we're gaining a deeper understanding of what change means for the people of Murarani. We commit ourselves to make the most significant changes, focusing on these basic needs immediately when we take power.

Together, we can bring about the change our nation needs. Let's not forget - Namibia deserves better. #IPC2024 #Itula4President #Vote4Change

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