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We are Officially Launching the IPC 2024 Election Campaign

IPC is not embracing or entertaining the idea of celebration of independence day. We have no good reason to!

We are rather Officially Launching IPC 2024 Election Campaign.

We know the NATION is grieved and bleeding. Therefore, there's no need to celebrate!!

1. Do you celebrate SWAPO party created POVERTY ?

2. Do you celebrate the skyrocketing UNEMPLOYMENT ?

3. Do you celebrate SWAPO condoned CORRUPTION ?

4. Do celebrate SWAPO HARAMBEE led government's FISHROT-MINDEDNESS?

5. Do you celebrate lack of WATER AND SANITATION?

6. Do you celebrate the lost Millions of Dollars to KORA MUSIC AWARD?

7. Do you celebrate the thievery of N$100Ml by three individuals representing Namdia / C-Sixty Companies respectively?

9. Do you celebrate the clandestinely Payment of millions of dollars to UK Lawyers?

IPC won't celebrate UNCONSTITUTIONALISM either!!

What does the SWAPO HARAMBEE led government want people to celebrate INDEPENDENCE DAY (21/03/2022) for?

NAMIBIA is all we have

NAMIBIA is not for sale

We can and must save!!

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