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The Mayor of Walvis Bay, Trevino Forbes who also the Vice President of the IPC, hosted close to approximately 1000 senior residents earlier today. The seniors who expressed their delight by singing and dancing, each received a meal and a shopping voucher valued at N$ 300.00 Forbes said that the wisdom and advice of the elderly positively impact our communities and that the event was a small token of appreciation. "Most of us were raised by grandparents and it is their prayers that have protected us over the years and their wisdom that has taught us many lessons,” he said. The event was made possible through donations valued at N$ N$ 396 000. 00 • Freddy’s Fish Processors - 1000 food vouchers valued at N$ 300 000 & 1000 units of water valued at N$5313. • NAMPORT - 900 lunch packs valued at N$ 77 573.25 • NAMDOC – 100 lunch packs N$ 6500.00 • UNITRANS N$7200.00 • TUNACOR - transport with buses • Namibian Marshal Rangers Emergency Rescue Services- Ambulance services #Walvisbay #VP #VOTE_FOR_CHANGE

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